[Rumor] FOX Potentially Upset With WWE About NXT Move

A report suggests FOX is not terribly pleased with the idea USA Network is getting NXT, especially since FOX told everyone NXT was coming to FS1.

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio is reporting that reps from FOX are a little miffed with WWE because they feel the sports entertainment brand kind of led Fox on with suggestions NXT was moving to FS1. With an announcement NXT is going to find a new home on the USA Network, clearly, Fox isn't getting the gold and black brand that houses stars like Johnny Gargano, Adam Cole and Velveteen Dream.

Fox's FS1 channel was really hoping (and still is) to get more WWE programming than the billion-dollar deal they worked out with WWE for SmackDown Live. As Meltzer writes, after losing UFC, FS1 was hoping to become known as the "WWE channel".

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NXT wouldn't have filled the entire void left by UFC but another wrestling show would have helped and Meltzer is saying Fox told their local affiliates about the likelihood NXT was coming. With an announcement expected on Monday that NXT is not coming, Fox feels like they made fools of themselves.

Meltzer explains:

“Part of the deal was the idea that ‘the money that we’re going to spend on UFC we’re gonna spend on WWE.’ They had a shot, but the thing is that if nobody said anything then people would be like whatever, but they told their affiliates that we’re going to be getting NXT and they’re not.”

What This Means

It's probably not great that WWE may have upset FOX, even if there was never an official agreement of any kind to move NXT over to FS1. USA Network now has Miz & Mrs, they’re gonna have the Straight Up with Steve Austin, Monday Night Raw, and potentially NXT. If anyone is now the "WWE channel", it's the USA Network.

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