Rumor: Goldberg Is Returning For Another Match At SummerSlam

Despite already being booked in a match against The Miz, there are rumblings that Dolph Ziggler will take on Goldberg at SummerSlam.

Ever since Dolph Ziggler returned to WWE TV a couple of months ago, he has been blaming anyone and everyone for his own misgivings. It started with Kofi Kingston, and has since shifted to the returning legends who he believes have been taking the spotlight away from him. Shawn Michaels bore the brunt of that on last week's SmackDown Live.

Ziggler took some unexpected shots at Michaels' terrible tag team match at Crown Jewel. We had assumed talking about that in promos was off-limits, especially when the culprit is in the ring with you. Some fans thought that this may have been leading to a match between the two of them at SummerSlam, but apparently, that is not the case.

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Wrestling Observer Newsletter has reported that Goldberg will be Ziggler's SummerSlam opponent. The Showoff has also taken shots at the former WCW Champion, both on this week's and last week's SmackDown. It's hard to talk about Michaels' terrible return match at Crown Jewel without talking about the more recent one at Super Showdown between Goldberg and The Undertaker which was even worse.

According to WON, the match has been kept so under wraps backstage that WWE even felt the need to book Ziggler in a different SummerSlam match. That's why as it stands, Ziggler will be taking on The Miz for the 1000th time at the PPV. If he is going to take on Goldberg, there isn't much time to build to the match. We're assuming Goldberg will be showing up on Raw or SmackDown next week to confront, attack, and challenge Ziggler to the match.

We can't imagine that Goldberg will want his last match ever to be the debacle that was the Super Showdown main event. Undertaker has already returned since then and had a much better match at Extreme Rules. If Goldberg does compete at SummerSlam, we're assuming it will be for the same reason. So the lasting memory he leaves for this generation of WWE fans isn't one that revolves around a terrible match.

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