[Rumor] Hidden Easter Eggs Throughout Wyatt Firefly Fun House Video

Bray Wyatt's Firefly Fun House vignette is among the most watched videos for WWE in ages. Despite the views, there's a lot of hidden gems fans missed.

The new Wyatt character being created and promoted by WWE has gotten a lot of folks talking. Some fans love it, others have condemned it but everyone seems to be examining it with a fine-tooth comb. Yet, despite the over 2 million views of the video on YouTube, there seems to be a lot of Easter Eggs WWE may have intentionally plopped into the video that most fans aren't keying in on.

While some of the items are more obvious — Wyatt's gloves reading Heal and Hurt — did you notice he listened to them before he took a chainsaw to the old Bray Wyatt cardboard cutout of himself? Or, that a distinct "purring" noise like a cougar could be heard in the background when he first showed them on camera?

What about the photo on the wall of the woman? Is that someone we've yet to meet? Even more interesting, what nail beside that photo suggests there used to be a picture hanging on the wall but is now mysteriously gone.

Did you notice the sombrero hanging on the corner of the wall or the chair that seems to be covered up by a blanket? What about the bunny in the shows opening or the dollhouse that was shown during the vignettes but not on the video to introduce his new character?

The buzzards name is Mercy (in homage to Waylon Mercy) and the children applauded when Bray said he'd been barbarically punished, suggesting that could be something he approves.

What This Means

There is so much more going on with this character than fans realize. While some of the things we notice might be a coincidence, there is a suggestion here that WWE has taken a lot of time to carefully dissect this idea before making it public and there is so much more to come.

Speculation is that The Undertaker, Jason Jordan, and Triple H are working closely with Bray on this idea and that WWE has even hired a Hollywood writer to take a cautious and intelligent approach to everything we're about to witness.

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