Rumor: Hulk Hogan To Appear At WWE Crown Jewel Event

With the announcement WWE will be holding another huge event in Saudi Arabia, rumors are Hulk Hogan will make his long-awaited return.

According to PWInsider, there's a chance WWE might finally bring back Hogan in an on-screen capacity after a lengthy absence from the company. WWE's second return to Saudi Arabia (the first being The Greatest Royal Rumble) is sure to be a stacked card and there's arguably no bigger than in wrestling than Hogan. It is speculated Saudi officials have actually requested his presence.

If there's one thing that's become clear from the WWE trip to Saudi Arabia, it's that WWE tries to fill the requests of their Saudi clients. The first event included no women on the card and wrestlers making appearances. The only request WWE couldn't fill the first time around was the appearance of the Ultimate Warrior who had passed away. If WWE is taking the same approach and wants to give the Saudi audience what they're craving, this may be Hogan's best chance at a return to on-screen programming.

If this appearance comes to be, it won't come without controversy. WWE reinstated Hogan to the WWE Hall of Fame after he was booted for disparaging racial remarks that they only forgave after he showed his willingness to work with groups and organizations that were against the things Hogan was guilty of.  Many of the wrestlers backstage in WWE have not fully forgiven Hogan, citing that a leopard will likely never change his spots.

Eventually, it is assumed despite the mixed reaction by some of the WWE Superstars, Hogan will return and The Crown Jewel event may make the most sense. If he returns as The Hulkster or NWO Hogan is unclear but in recent weeks, Hogan has been seen making videos as the NWO character Hollywood Hogan and working with Kevin Nash and Scott Hall on a surprise they intend to reveal in October.


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