[Rumor] Nigel McGuinness Has Backstage Heat For Watch Along Mistake

Nigel McGuinness might have some big-time heat backstage in WWE for breaking rule No. 1 about being part of the Fastlane Watch Along show — that is, dropping a curse word in the middle of a live stream broadcast.

During the Watch Along show hosted by Pat McAfee, a number of guests stopped in to give their two cents on the show. Among them was McGuinness who while talking to McAfee dropped an "F-bomb' during his conversation. He immediately realized what he had done, pointed to the sign WWE put up beside the camera saying not to curse and then poked fun at himself for breaking the priority rule of being on the show.

The show aired as a live stream program during Sunday's WWE Fastlane pay-per-view. Fans who tuned in on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter were likely shocked to hear the gaffe by McGuinness, especially considering previous guests like The New Day, The IIconics, Christian, WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix, RAW Tag Team Champions The Revival, WWE Hall of Famer Devon Dudley and other special guests had done their part without any issue.

Seemingly, as a result, the video was deleted from WWE's YouTube channel in the early morning hours of Monday. While it has not been confirmed that this is the reason the video was removed, the assumption is that this clip is why. You can see in the video below from a Reddit user the actual video (warning, it does have the curse still in the video):

When responding to McAfee, McGuinness said, "You stopped me f--king stumbling my words."

What This Means

WWE will not be happy. And, if removing the video is any indication of how the company feels about the mistake, there's a pretty good chance McGuinness just cost McAfee and anyone else who enjoyed doing the Watch Along show an opportunity to do so again.

WWE Superstars are probably not pleased that something as simple as not cursing during a broadcast that was being streamed live to the WWE Universe was too much for someone like McGuinness to handle and WWE is probably not happy their pilot episode had one of its guests break the number one rule.

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