[Rumor] Female WWE Performer To Undergo Major Character Change

During an exclusive WWE.com video, Nikki Cross said something needs to change, suggesting she might be in for a significant character alteration.

Like many other WWE Superstars on WWE programming, since the Superstar Shake-up, Cross hasn’t appeared much. In fact, since being called up to the main roster, she's been used sparingly, while he former running partners SAnitY have already split and gone their separate ways. Eric Young was moved to Raw but has yet to appear, Killian Dane is set to go back to NXT and Alexander Wolfe is on his way to NXT UK.

Cross had the potential to be the most successful of the group but after losing a recent matchup on WWE Main Event, it seems WWE might be taking her character in another direction as well.

After her match, she addressed the WWE Universe on their Youtube channel. She said:

“Tonight… tonight was my chance. The newest Raw Superstar, Nikki Cross… it was my chance to make an impact on Main Event tonight. It was my chance, and I lost. I lost. Is there something I need to change here? Do I need to change? What needs to change? Do I just fight from the ground up, scratching and clawing? What needs to change? I’m always talking in the dark — maybe it’s time to step out of the dark and take a long, good hard look in the mirror.”

What This Means

This doesn't guarantee a character shift for Cross, but it's hard to imagine what else could be in store for her. Her gimmick as a crazed lunatic who wants everyone to "come out and play" is unforgettable.

Perhaps she'll stay Cross but and find a more serious side. Maybe she'll be more technical and calculated. Maybe, as some rumors suggest, she'll join the Firefly Fun House with Bray Wyatt and go in a completely different direction?

In this authors opinion, this video may be the most she's talked since joining WWE and she's actually pretty good at it. She should do more of it.

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