Oilers Listening To Trade Offers On Cam Talbot After Inconsistent Season [Rumor]

With teams looking for goaltending help in the NHL and Mikko Koskinen seemingly winning the starting role in Edmonton, is Cam Talbot getting traded?

Right or wrong, there is talk in Edmonton these days about trading Talbot out of Edmonton. The story behind the goaltending situation for the Oilers has changed dramatically considering just months ago, many fans were upset the Edmonton Oilers had signed backup goaltender Koskinen to a one-year, $2.5 million deal. Since the start of the season, Koskinen has played in 10 games, has a 6-2-1 record and a .923 SV%. and is getting the start again on Thursday while appearing to be starting goaltender moving forward.

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Meanwhile, Talbot has played effectively at times and ineffectively at others but appears to be losing the job and whispers are out there he might be on the trade block.

Many see the idea of trading Talbot as a mistake considering Koskinen is not a proven NHL netminder, but the Oilers badly need help at forward and to improve their average defense. Talbot — if another NHL team like St. Louis, Philadelphia, Florida or Calgary were desperate enough — might offer something the Oilers could use this season to help their playoff aspirations.

Should the Oilers move Talbot and Koskinen falters, it could mean trouble for the Oilers who don't have a prospect in the system who could take the backup role. There are goaltenders available on the waiver wire but the return for Talbot would have to be strong to consider this from an Oilers perspective.

What This Means

In Edmonton, the conversation about goaltending changed quickly. In a matter of weeks, Koskinen became the go-to guy while Talbot is losing supporters. But, people making the argument Talbot should be traded might want to be careful what they wish for. There is a lot that can go wrong if the Oilers move their former No. 1 netminder and Koskinen can't handle the appointed starting job.

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