Ric And Charlotte At Odds Over Flair’s Potential WWE Lawsuit

Charlotte Flair might be the unfortunate casualty of the Ric Flair versus WWE drama that includes a lawsuit over the phrase “The Man.”

A strange situation where The Nature Boy Ric Flair claims he’s being disrespected by WWE has gotten even stranger. Saying his potential lawsuit has nothing to do with not loving the WWE’s Women’s Division or personally having an issue with Becky Lynch, Flair says if the WWE is going to use “The Man” to market Lynch and her character, the least WWE can do is pay Flair a fair compensation for making that phrase famous.

According to Flair himself, this beef has spilled over to his daughter. Charlotte currently wrestles in WWE and is one of the main personalities on the women’s roster. Speculation is Charlotte is worried that her status within the company might change as long as Ric keeps pressing the issue. Her father says the lawsuit, which he tried to avoid, has caused a rift between himself and his daughter as Charlotte and she’s chosen to side with WWE. Ric says he has no desire to ruffle feathers but that “business is business” and that he needs to look after his loved ones and make sure they are taken care of.

Who Should Charlotte Choose?

Flair says he has no beef with Becky Lynch nor does he desire to fight with WWE. It appears actions speak louder than words.

In a business where WWE owns a variety of trademarks and most of the names and character ideas that comes with them, Flair does own “To be the man, you have to beat the man.” Does that mean he has a right to “The Man?” Charlotte must not think so. Or, it’s simply that Charlotte knows where her bread is buttered. Why jeopardize your earning potential over something WWE is likely merely frustrated with but not worried about?

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