[Rumor] No Reigns SummerSlam Match, Attacker Storyline To Continue

While WWE was teasing an announcement as to who Roman Reigns will fight at SummerSlam, it might be no one as the attacker storyline plays out long-term.

Over the past couple of weeks, the big storyline was who was behind the attacks on Roman Reigns. At first thought to be an accident, this past Monday on Raw, it became clear someone was going after Reigns and trying to take him out. WWE has teased everyone from Buddy Murphy to Samoa Joe and as of the closing of Tuesday's SmackDown Live, it appeared Rowan and Daniel Bryan might be behind the attacks.

WWE caught up with Bryan who denied being the attacker in a WWE.com exclusive video.

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So if Bryan didn't do it, and Joe or Murphy didn't do it, who did? With only a few days until SummerSlam, it feels like Reigns' opponent is in question.

Well, WWE might not actually put a Reigns match on the card if a recent report by PWInsider is accurate. They are writing that word going around at SmackDown last night was that the planned Reigns vs. Bryan singles match will likely be dropped so they can let the current storyline play out. This may also mean changing Bryan as the attacker to someone else.

At one point, it sounded like WWE was going to throw a tag match on the card where Reigns might team up with Samoa Joe to face Rowan and Bryan, but that too may be thrown out the window so as not to rush the angle.

What This Means

It sounds like WWE is going to invest time and effort into this storyline and let it run its course long-term. There may be a number of changes to who gets involved and writers have reportedly pitched several ideas for who is behind the attacks on Reigns, to Vince.

At the same time, Bryan's "career-altering announcement" is either being dropped or delayed until WWE can figure out how to work it back into a storyline.

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