Rumor: Popular SmackDown Set Design To Return For Show's Fox Debut

SmackDown's debut on Fox is edging ever closer, and rumor has it that a set design from the show's past has been readied for the occasion.

2019 is a huge year for pro wrestling, perhaps the biggest ever. In particular, this October. Once October has been and gone, the landscape of the business is going to look incredibly different. AEW's weekly TV show will debut on TNT on October 2, and two days later on October 4, SmackDown will debut on Fox.

Fox and WWE really mean business when it comes to this change. The network paid more than $1 billion for the rights to WWE's blue brand for the next five years. That means the show has to succeed, and everyone involved will be doing everything in their power to make sure that happens. No more treating Raw like the flagship and SmackDown like it's an afterthought.

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SmackDown will also need to feel like its own separate entity. Airing on Fridays and not 24 hours after Raw will definitely help that. It also sounds as if WWE will be making some major changes in order to make the show feel more unique. Brad Shepard of Pro Sports Extra has reported that the iconic SmackDown fist will return for the show's debut on Fox later this year.

The SmackDown fist was the centerpiece of the show's set for seven years. It debuted all the way back in 2001 the week after Rhyno gored Chris Jericho through the old stage. It would remain in use until 2008, at which point WWE switched things up ready for the advent of HD television. Even though it has been gone for more than a decade, it has remained relevant thanks to fans who have an affinity for it.

With each passing a day, we get a little more fascinated with what SmackDown's debut on Fox will be made up of. No doubt it will be a landmark, historical show, but what does WWE have planned? It will also fall two days after AEW's TV debut, which everyone will undoubtedly still be talking about 48 hours later. AEW will be making the first move in the new era, but WWE has the benefit of topping whatever it does immediately after.

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