[Rumor] Friction Exists Between Heyman, Bischoff and Triple H

Raw and SmackDown Live were much better received this week but there are rumors already Paul Heyman, Eric Bischoff, and Triple H have some friction behind the scenes.

This was bound to happen. With so many big egos running things behind the curtain, how can there not be moments were people's ideas clash or personalities bump heads? It appears, after only one week, there are already things that need to be ironed out.

For example, according to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, this week's RAW appearance by The Street Profits was not their "main roster call-up" but RAW Executive Director Paul Heyman putting his "fingerprints" on this week's show. Speculation is that they may have appeared as a "Heyman move" to get new, fresh faces on the show. Speculation is that Triple H was also not a fan of the move since there are certain talents he wants to keep in NXT.

It is also being speculated that potentially competitive friction might be an issue between Heyman and new SmackDown Executive Director Eric Bischoff. The story goes that they're already politicking for certain talents for their brand and that a "battle" may exist as each wants the call-ups they want from NXT.

And, of course, in the background the entire time sits Triple H who will be in Vince's ear that certain guys from NXT shouldn't be called up yet.

Where Triple H fits into all of this is still unclear and how much power he has to steop guys from appearing on either Raw or SmackDown Live is uncertain. But, many are suggesting this will only get more tenuous before it gets better.

What This Means

Healthy internal competition is a good thing. If Heyman and Bischoff are battling it out for access to talents they think they can do something with, this is great for WWE. The Street Profits were an entertaining part of the show on Monday and if other talents are used in segments like this, it's nothing but positives for WWE.

At the same time, this can't get out of hand and all parties need to continue to work together.

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