[Rumor] Vince McMahon To Step In And Run NXT Brand

With speculation NXT will move to FS1 in October and go head-to-head with AEW, rumors are Vince McMahon will step in and run the brand.

NXT is one of WWE’s most popular brands and many fans feel the product is as entertaining as it is because Vince McMahon doesn’t have his hands all over the show. In fact, there is plenty of speculation Vince barely watches the show and doesn’t know the performers all that well.

Things might be about to change.

With NXT becoming a live TV show on a major cable network like FS1, Dave Meltzer has reported that Vince will step in and push Triple H aside as the head honcho on the black and gold brand. Until Vince does step in, NXT has been known as Triple H’s baby.

Specifically, on Twitter, Meltzer states that Kevin Dunn and Vince McMahon would “have to” be involved with NXT in some capacity when it goes to FS1 and begins running for two hours.

How much Vince gets involved is still very much in question. With Raw and SmackDown Live moving to NBC and FOX one would have to imagine Vince will already have his hands full. One might also believe that Vince has to see the popularity of NXT and how Triple H has built it up to be a brand that fans truly respect. Would there be a reason to change things?

What This Means

if the Report is true, NXT fans won’t be happy. One of the things the WWE Universe loves about NXT is just how different it is from Raw and SmackDown Live. If Vince comes in and makes massive changes, it will be interesting to see if fans revolt.

It will also be interesting to see how much Triple H stands up for the product he’s helped grow from infancy. One can’t imagine he’d be too pleased with Vince coming in and wiping out everything he’s poured his blood, sweat and turns into.

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