Rumor: WWE Interested In Broadcasting WrestleMania On TV Instead Of PPV

If a recent report is true, WWE might be thinking about making another huge change to the professional wrestling industry. One that is potentially in the same of massive that introducing the WWE Network was to fans of wrestling all over the world. Ringsidenews is reporting, "WWE is not interested in airing other pay-per-views on broadcast television but they could be open to the idea of putting WrestleMania up for open bidding."

This is huge news for WWE and fans but also understandable after the news broke that WWE had recently signed television rights deals with NBCUniversal and Fox to air Raw and SmackDown Live, respectively, starting in 2019 for hugely lucrative new deals. The billions of dollars WWE is set to make from these deals clearly has them wondering what other types of revenues can be made from tv and with WrestleMania being their SuperBowl of sports entertainment, it would make sense to start with their marquee event.

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What would it look like to see WrestleMania on Fox, USA, NBC or another network? That's a good question. With rumors that WWE is considering extending the length of their biggest show to as much as seven hours, how WWE and the highest bidding network would choose to broadcast the show would be interesting. Would it be treated like the Oscars which is also long but one of the highest rated shows on television? Would it be promoted like the SuperBowl with the network selling ads for hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars per 30-second spots?

How wrestling fans have grown to watch WrestleMania in the past would completely change and it would be intriguing if the network wanted all seven hours if WWE would still show the event on WWE Network.

The alternative would be WWE Network airing the entire event live and the network that buys the tv rights airing a condensed version at a later date.

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