[Rumor] WWE Interested In Bringing In Daniel Cormier After UFC Loss

After losing his bout at UFC 241 on Saturday, there are rumors WWE might be ready to reach out to Daniel Cormier to see if he's interested in coming to the company.

There have been rumors in the past of WWE having interest in Cormier joining the company in some capacity. And for Cormier's part, he's done a decent job of keeping that possibility alive by referencing WWE and Brock Lesnar every once and a while. The latest comments came when Cormier mentioned WWE was smart to take the Universal Title off of Lesnar and put it back around the waist of Seth Rollins.

After losing his title to Stipe Miocic at UFC 241, there is even more of a possibility Cormier might make a jump. There were rumors he might announce his retirement (which he did not do) but Brad Shepard of ProSportsExtra.com is reporting that after Cormier avoided announcing his future after an emotional loss, a source in WWE messaged him to let him know that the sports entertainment brand has serious interest in bringing Cormier in.

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What This Means

It's not clear if the interest is in Cormier as a wrestler or an announcer but one can imagine a man with his personality would excel in either role. He's certainly a fan of WWE and one would have to imagine that if he's thinking about calling it a career in MMA, moving over the Vince McMahon's form of entertainment might be the logical next step.

With WWE debuting on FOX in October and the network looking for WWE to have big names on the show, it's not shocking WWE would be considering bringing in some crossover talent. So too, as they work to compete with AEW who will be debuting on TNT, making the news for big signings is never a bad thing.

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