[Rumor] WWE Star To Lose Gimmick That Made Him A Star?

It might seem like a strange idea, but there are questions as to whether or not WWE is seriously considering taking away the one tool that has made Elias a huge star. The question is, 'A big risk for his character in the short-term, might a drastic change be best for the Elias personality long-term?'

Chris Roling of Bleacher Report asks if taking the guitar away from Elias is the right move to make him a main event player? Stuck in a role that has him capped as a mid-card lackey for Shane McMahon, Roling wonders if there’s a better way than the singing heel to take the logical next step.

Roling writes that's it's easy to envision something more for Elias than what he's currently doing. He says:

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And it isn't hard to envision the "how" either. A simple guitar shot to the back of Shane or another big villain and a pursuit of a top title thereafter makes perfect sense should WWE want to pull the trigger on a babyface Elias. His charismatic ways would soon win over crowds on a nightly basis.

In a way, Roling has a point. While the fans seem to love the heel Elias who sings and entertains while making fun of his opponent and often the city he’s in, he’s become somewhat of a jobber to bigger-name stars, many of whom aren’t as talented as he is.

There's no indication WWE is thinking about pushing Elias as a babyface, so perhaps this is just wishful thinking, but it does make sense.

What This Means

At some point, Elias’ gimmick will grow stale. Perhaps it’s time to make that shift before apathy sets in. Always looking for top-end stars the fans can get behind, a babyface turn for Elias without the singing and goofiness is just what the doctor ordered.

Would you chance it if you were WWE? It’s always a bit scary taking away that thing making a star unique.

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