[Rumor] WWE Teasing Club Reunion Between Styles and Good Brothers

After calling out his former running mates, AJ Styles watched the Good Brothers lose another match, teasing the possibility of a Club reunion in WWE.

During Monday's Raw, there was a short segment in the backstage area where AJ Styles was being checked on by WWE medical staff. He was awaiting the ok to return to in-ring action and after being given good news, the Good Brothers came in and were dressed in their mock doctor's outfits, joking around and having fun teasing Styles.

Styles took the conversation in a serious direction and stopped the tag team in their tracks saying, "Hey, I was thinking about you guys."

He went on to recall their days together in Japan, as The Club, how they made their debut in the Staples Center a few years ago against the team they were facing that evening in the Usos, but then said, in no uncertain terms, they were becoming a joke.

Styles said they'd had some fun and made good money but the team needed to get serious and win. Asking when the last time the won was, he thought harder and asked when the last time they were on tv was?

The Good Brothers took off their doctors jackets and told AJ to watch as they went out and tried to defeat the Usos, which they failed to do.

The entire match, Styles was watching backstage and clearly frustrated with Karl Anderson's overconfidence. It ultimately cost them the win. In a WWE.com exclusive Styles caught up with the Good Brothers again and berated his old faction members.

Styles yelled, "All you had to do was stay on them! You had it won!" He continued, "You guys are better than that, I've seen better from you." Saying there is a time and a place for the Too Sweet posing, he said, "Get serious, I'm begging you."

What This Means

If this is the start of some kind of Club reunion, WWE fans will be extremely happy. The Good Brothers haven't really gotten a fair shake since coming over from Japan and the closest thing they were to relevant was when they were running alongside Styles as a heel faction.

There was no indication Styles wants to work with his former mates but the signs are pointing at this being the start of a new storyline.

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