[Rumor] WWE Wants 24/7 Title At Drake Maverick's Wedding?

Drake Maverick recently won the 24/7 Championship was last seen fleeing with the title. He's off to get married, the perfect scenario for 24/7 action.

With the way WWE has been booking to 24/7 title action, is there a more perfect storm than to have R-Truth and possibly a few other WWE Superstars crash the wedding of Drake Maverick? Imagine the look on Maverick's face when he dream of holding the 24/7 Championship comes to a crashing halt and at the same time, his wedding reception is ruined.

That might be the plan if WWE creative has their way.

Maverick fled the scene of Tuesday night's SmackDown Live yelling he was on his way to get married. It can't be a coincidence that he would tell Truth and anyone else who heard him that he and the title were heading in that direction. Maverick has also been seen on social media traveling with the title and stopping along the way with everyone to take photos.

Maverick will actually be getting married this week and it’s likely he was given the title to be a part of the festivities. He and former Mae Young Classic competitor Renee Michelle, are set to tie the knot and guests will include EC3 and Braun Strowman.

With his soon-to-be-wife a wrestler and Drake seemingly willing to embrace the very fabric of what this 24/7 Title is about, it seems only logical to assume that the 24/7 Championship will be a part of the nuptials.

While it's not clear if this will be at the actual wedding or a scene made to look like the actual wedding if this is given the greenlight is unclear.

What This Means

At the end of the day, WWE may choose to let Maverick and his fiance have their romantic moment in peace and privacy but if the couple gives their blessing, don't be shocked if you see Truth and other competitors somehow wind up at the event.

Remember, WWE is working on using the 24/7 Title to boost their social media status and the title does not need to change hands on an episode of Raw or SmackDown. It can take place on a Saturday, a day often reserved for summer weddings.

And, with Maverick seemingly never taking it off, would he wear it during the ceremony?

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