[Rumor] WWE Worried About Once-Hot Stars Cooling Off With Audience

There is a growing sense of concern around WWE these days that the company's once-hot stars are growing stale with the WWE audience.

Blake Oestriecher of Forbes writes an in-depth piece about five of WWE's once red-hot Superstars growing ice cold and among them, he writes Seth Rollins, Becky Lynch, and Elias as names WWE is increasingly concerned about.

Since WWE's Superstar Shakeup, things haven't gone well for stars like The Miz and Elias. Stuck in feuds that aren't going anywhere and seemingly with no direction behind their characters, The Miz was one of WWE's top heels for a while and Elias the new potential face of WWE. Both have spun their wheels since changing brands.

Sami Zayn was a wrestler who returned to WWE with some great buzz, but he too has cooled. At one time, the rumors mouthpiece for Vince McMahon, he uttered the words "AEW" during a terrible Electric Chair segment and from then on, has rarely been used in a focused role.

Perhaps the most disappointing are Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins. Two champions in the company, Lynch has been near ice-cold since her push towards WrestleMania. Rollins hasn't been much better. In a current relationship storyline, the audience seems to universally despise the direction their characters are going and that's got WWE worried.

What This Means

WWE needs to find a way to get these stars out of purgatory and back into the hearts and minds of the WWE Universe and they need to do so quickly. There have been reports of guys like Paul Heyman ready to take a few characters and really focus his attention on them as the new Executive Director of Raw, but Eric Bischoff needs more time before really sinking his teeth in. And, Vince doesn't seem to have a handle on what the fans are looking for.

The good news is, Kofi Kingston is popular. That's something.

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