Biggest Rumors Heading Into WWE Elimination Chamber 2018

For fans who watched Raw on Monday, they were treated to a preview of what could be a wonderful men's Elimination Chamber match on Sunday. The WWE Universe also got a sneak peek into what their priorities are and who they may be pushing coming into and leaving the pay-per-view.

Right now, Seth Rollins appears to be the guy WWE is going to make shine but that doesn't necessarily mean he'll win. Roman Reigns is still the favorite and Braun Strowman walked out of Monday's Gauntlet match the victor. Of course, Elias is popular and Cena is Cena. Only The Miz and Finn Balor seem like the guys no one is giving a chance to. Would that mean they actually could be the surprise winners?

The chamber match isn't the only thing going on either. Titus Worldwide is getting some time to show their stuff, Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt will square off and Asuka and Nia Jax will go one-on-one.

Here are the biggest rumors heading into WWE Elimination Chamber.

Braun Strowman Won't Win

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It looks like Braun Strowman's win on Raw in the two-hour Gauntlet match means he likely won't get the win at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. WWE is setting things up to make it appear Strowman will be the favorite, but Roman Reigns has been slotted for a while as the wrestler WWE is electing to take the win.

WWE believes Strowman has a lot of time before he needs a title push and the fact that they've found a tone of comedy to add to his character means he's not the type of talent who needs a title to get over.

Rollins Won't Win Either

While Seth Rollins gave the performance of a lifetime on Monday and he's hotter than he may ever be again, his lasting one hour and five minutes is the perfect excuse for him not to win. WWE can explain it a simple as the match took too much out of him.

His performance is also reminiscent of a former great in Kurt Angle which would be a perfect segway into a match with Angle at WrestleMania 34. It appears that's where WWE wants to go with Rollins, make him and Angle a must-see match.


Roman Reigns Plans Could Change

Filmmaker Jon Bravo came out with another damning video, this time allegedly showing evidence that him name-dropping Roman Reigns as part of a steroid scandal was not just some guy name dropping. Bravo is suggesting there are 15 current or former WWE performers who were clients of Richard Rodriguez, who is alleged to have distributed steroids. If there is any truth to what's going on here, it could change everything as far as plans go to give Reigns the nod at Elimination Chamber.

This is still a very big if and WWE will likely not change anything until it is proven Reigns did, in fact, take substances with the intention of bucking WWE's Wellness Policy. Should plans not change, it sounds like the ultimate goal after WrestleMania 34 is Reigns vs Rollins for the Universal Title.


Rousey Not Helping Ticket Sales

While WWE wanted to use Ronda Rousey’s contract signing as a way to get eyeballs on the pay-per-view, it doesn’t appear that her being there in person to sign her WWE contract is helping Elimination Chamber at the box office. Ticket sales aren't the best and in some cases, you can buy one ticket and get one free through the T-Mobile Arena.

Rousey should still bring more people to the show on the WWE Network and it hasn't changed the plans for WWE and how they intend to use Rousey.


Bliss To Retain

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Speculation is that Alexa Bliss will retain her WWE Raw Women's Title at the Elimination Chamber despite all the odds being against her. The other plan discussed is giving the belt to Sasha Banks. Bliss could then go on to face and lose to Asuka, setting up an eventual opening for Rousey to cost Asuka the title and undefeated streak.

WWE is happy with Bliss as champion until they can get to their bigger plans. If Banks does win, it could be because the company wants to see another strong battle between Banks and Bayley.


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