[Rumors] Interesting Details About WWE 24/7 Championship

With the announcement of a new 24/7 Championship in WWE, there are a few details rumored to be floating around about the belt.

Fans realized quickly that the new 24/7 title was really a Hardcore Championship without the hardcore element. While there aren't likely to be many disqualifications, there won't be active promotion of the use of weapons like trash can lids and chairs. But, there are plenty of rumors going around about what will be part of this new development.

Mike Johnson said on PW Insider Elite audio that fans should expect to see plenty of comedy to come as the 24/7 title continues. This includes referees showing up in random spots and in strange positions. That's not all.

This belt can be defended on any show, anytime and anywhere and will be eligible to Superstars on Raw, SmackDown LIVE, 205 Live, NXT, NXT UK and even WWE Legends and Hall of Famers. It is also rumored that women will be eligible to win. Sonya Deville has already thrown her name out there as someone who is interested.

Those who show up on a show to compete for the title are not likely to be counted as WWE Superstars who have crossed shows under the Wild Card Rule and this was on purpose so Vince could circumvent his own last-minute change to get more people on both programs.

The belt will often change hands when fans can't witness a title change. This will include house shows, announcements on social media and at random times. Fans will need to keep an eye on the social media pages of WWE and that was intentional. This is another way WWE is trying to boost their viewership.

Wrestlers who promote the title on social media are more likely to be considered as people who will win it and top-level talent aren't going to be part of the segments. This is for mid-card and lower-level talent, plus stars from NXT to get them more exposure.

There will be Legends and Hall of Famers returning to win the title, but they probably will be one-off cameos and speculation is that this title will change hands more than any other belt in the history of wrestling. WWE doesn't care how often a new title holder is crowned as that's not the point.

What This Means

This is something Vince McMahon is extremely excited about and he's fully behind it. It won't be taken seriously though and expected the unexpected when it comes to people who end up holding the championship.

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