Rusev Comments On Embarrassing Record After Sunday's WWE Fastlane Loss

Rusev has commented on an interesting record that he now holds with his loss at Sunday's WWE Fastlane pay-per-view.

Thanks to his pre-show loss to The New Day at Sunday's WWE Fastlane, Rusev is now tied as a record-holder in WWE, for the most consecutive PPV losses in WWE history. He is tied with The Great Khali for the worst ever.

Andrew Feldman of ESPN was the first to note the statistic on Monday and it didn't take long for Rusev to respond saying, "Knowing how things are they probably won’t even let me be number 1!!!"

Clearly, it was a shot at how WWE has booked him over the past year and while all of this may be him taking advantage of some publicity, could signal more frustration in respect to his time in WWE.

The question fans will immediately be asking when seeing this tweet from Rusev will be, 'is this another indication that Rusev will leave once his contract expires?' There has been plenty of buzz both he and wife Lana haven't been terribly happy with their placement in the company. Rusev is now teaming with Shinsuke Nakamura in a partnership that doesn't make a lot of sense, Lana might be replaced by Ronda Rousey on Total Divas and both would seemingly have options to jump to AEW or another promotion if WWE would let them out of their contracts.

What This Means

Could Rusev be playing up the idea that he's unhappy? Sure. He's made so many comments about his placement in WWE and has not been suspended or punished, this simply could be the character he's going with and trying to drum up some underground support from fans. Or, this could be another slap in the long line of slaps WWE seem to be delivered to one of the more popular stars in 2018.

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