Rusev Posts Mysterious Tweet Amid Rumors Of WWE Departure

There have been ongoing rumors about Rusev and Lana leaving the WWE for a while now, and during this time, the Bulgarian Brute has been posting a handful of cryptic messages on social media.

The former United States Champion is at it again, this time saying he knows his "next step" amid rumors that he and Lana could be exiting the company in the near future.

It was reported last week by WWE insider Brad Shepard that Rusev and Lana may not end up signing new contracts with the company, and that the duo are "weighing their options." Back in June, Dave Meltzer said he wouldn't be surprised if Rusev wound up leaving WWE, and that he thinks AEW and New Japan Pro-Wrestling "would want" The Bulgarian Brute.

Rusev has been one of the most underused superstars for quite some time, and he and his wife haven't been shy in voicing their displeasure with where they stand in the company. More specifically, Rusev talked about his disappointment in dropping the United States Championship to Shinsuke Nakamura at Royal Rumble, saying he was afraid of getting "lost," along with the title.

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Lana also vowed that they were "going to knock on Vince McMahon’s door," and try to get what they want. But up to this point, it seems as though their efforts have only fallen on the deaf ears of the WWE chairman.

Rusev Day swept over the WWE Universe last year, and despite strong merchandise sales last year, the company never bothered to give him much of a push. At this point, it's quite obvious that WWE isn't keen on giving Rusev the run he deserves in WWE, and it only feels like a matter of time until he and Lana leave for another opportunity.

What This Means

You have to feel sorry for both Rusev and Lana, who have put in all this time and effort in hopes of getting a big push. But unfortunately, WWE officials just don't value him the way we do, and it's safe to say that a fresh start elsewhere is the best option for this popular wrestling couple.

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