SmackDown Live: Rusev Day Finally Breaks Up In Dramatic Fashion

Rusev Day has finally broken up in WWE as Aiden English attacked Rusev after his match with Shinsuke Nakamura.

Earlier in the evening on SmackDown Live, English tried to apologize to Rusev for failing to help Rusev Day win the SmackDown Live Tag Team Titles at Hell in a Cell. After English said he did his best, Rusev responded by suggesting, that perhaps, his best wasn't good enough. Rusev and Lana went to leave and English vented his frustrations to a backstage WWE worker. Unfortunately, English didn't realize Lana was still within earshot and heard him unload a tirade on how much he hated Rusev Day and called Lana all sorts of nasty names.

English tried to appeal to Lana not to tell Rusev and while Lana didn't get the chance prior to Rusev's his one-on-one United States Title match with Nakamura, English likely knew the inevitable was coming and waited until the match was over and Rusev's back was turned, attacking his former partner.

WWE has been teasing a Rusev Day split for some time. English has been accidentally finding ways to stop the team from attaining championship gold and even though Rusev and Lana had forgiven him over and over, it was only a matter of time before English cost the team one too many times. Apparently, on Tuesday, English decided he would dump Rusev and Lana before they could dump him.

After brutally attacking Rusev with Lana watching on, English sang "Happy Rusev Day" over the mic and left Rusev laying. Where these two go from here is uncertain but their first chance to battle — if not on SmackDown Live — will be at the Super Show-Down in Australia.

It is expected this split will lead to Rusev's big push as one of the more popular stars in WWE. Only time will tell if English gets lost in the shuffle or uses this split as an opportunity to excel as a single's star.


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