Rusev Day's Future: Conflicting Reports Surface

Rusev and Aiden English have been an extremely popular duo among the WWE Universe, with 'Rusev Day' merchandise soaring and creating some of the greatest fan reactions of today.

The pair have been together for over a half-year, but the end of Rusev Day appears to be in sight. According to Corey Jacobs of Wrestling News, there is a plan in place for Rusev to turn heel and backstab English. It could happen at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view, and the report suggests the plan is for Rusev to revert to his "ruthless" character.

With Rusev's real-life wife, Lana, reuniting with him on SmackDown Live, speculation ramped up that English would be ousted from Rusev Day. However, Dave Meltzer of  Wrestling Observer Radio recently said that the plan was for English and Rusev to stay together, with Lana joining the faction.

There are conflicting reports on a Rusev Day breakup, but we do know all good things must come to an end at some point. English has done his job in helping Rusev get over even more, but The Bulgarian Brute looks ready to engage in singles competition once again with his wife and former manager.

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The Rusev Day stable has been near-perfect since its formation. English has been an excellent promoter and singer for Rusev, which has brought the latter's popularity to an all-time high.

Fans are always heard chanting "Rusev Day," even during matches that he's not involved in. With English, the underused mid-card performer got a bigger push by working with one of the WWE's biggest superstars.

But if Jacobs' report is an indication, Rusev Day is on the verge of breaking up. Not only that, but Rusev will be portraying a heel character once again - which would make his babyface run very short and sweet.


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