Rusev Denies Reports That He Is Taking Time Off From WWE

Rusev has really been upping his social media game lately. So much so that it sparked rumors he would be stepping away from WWE for a while.

Social media appears to be both a blessing and a curse for WWE. Amid ever decreasing ratings, the company always has its social media to fall back on. Millions of fans continue to watch WWE's YouTube clips. Plus, the brass never misses an opportunity to boast about how active its social media channels are during live shows.

On the flipside, its employees are able to speak out when they're not happy. Although they can't really say whatever they like, some are more outspoken on Twitter than others. That situation has escalated since the arrival of AEW. WWE employees perturbed with their current status have not shied away from taking thinly veiled shots at their bosses. Sasha Banks, Maria Kanellis, and The Revival just to name a few.

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One person who has taken more shots than anyone else is Rusev. The Bulgarian Brute has once again disappeared from WWE TV, so has escalated his social media game over the past few days. He sort of took a shot at Shane McMahon, revealed that he was at a baseball game during SmackDown Live, and also went as far to say that he is not a WWE employee.

Rusev's incessant tweeting sparked reports that the former US Champion was getting set to take a break from WWE. Judging by the amount of time he has been on TV recently, we assumed that leave of absence had already begun. However, that is apparently not true. Despite attending baseball games during TV tapings, Rusev has insisted that those who reported the news "have been fed the wrong information."

WWE's roster is more loaded than ever. That means there isn't room for everyone on every show. However, there are some who are far too talented to be overlooked for extended periods of time. Rusev is one of them, as is his tag team partner Shinsuke Nakamura. Then again, the two have been off TV for so long that we have no idea whether they are a team anymore or not.


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