Rusev Shows Off Another Completely Different Look [Rumor]

Rusev has had numerous appearances throughout his WWE tenure, and just a few days after displaying a different look on his Instagram story, the Bulgarian Brute revealed a brand new one on Tuesday.

Last week, Rusev cut his beard and donned the mustache-only look. A few days later, Rusev changed his mind and decided to get rid of the facial hair completely, and he's almost impossible to recognize now.

It's interesting to see Rusev undergoing such major changes to his appearance now, given that he's on hiatus from WWE. Perhaps he's about to return with a brand new character and gimmick.

A few months ago, Bobby Roode shaved his beard and sported the mustache-only look, and his character was changed to "Robert Roode." And last week, we saw Sasha Banks turn heel by attacking Natalya while changing her hair color to blue.

As recent history will tell us, a completely new look for a WWE superstar usually indicates that they're about to embark on a new gimmick. When Rusev returns, he might be past the "Bulgarian Brute" character, and perhaps something fresh will be introduced.

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Rusev has been away from WWE since May, with the exception of a brief appearance at the Super ShowDown event on June 7. He was briefly involved in a storyline with Shinsuke Nakamura, where the two would clash for the United States Championship.

It's been reported that Rusev and Lana have yet to sign new deals with the WWE, and the duo haven't decided yet if they're going to stay on. Both have been vocal about their disappointments in WWE, so it wouldn't be a surprise if Rusev and Lana wound up leaving in short time.

What This Means

Rusev's look is something different, and it could open up the door for a special character change. But whether or not he's staying on in WWE remains to be seen. Right now, it's impossible to guess where he and Lana will wind up next.

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