Rusev Sends Wrestling Community Into Frenzy With Vague Tweet

Rusev posted a vague tweet with incredible timing that got the Twitter universe and wrestling community talking.

On Friday, wrestling fans everywhere seemed to only want to talk about one thing —  the drama that surrounds Sasha Banks and whether or not she's upset with WWE and their decision to remove the tag titles from around her and Bayley's waists. Rumors have swirled suggesting Banks tried to quit over WrestleMania weekend and other reports went as far as to say she and Bayley had somewhat of a tantrum in the hallways of the hotel and in the locker room, voicing their displeasure. Most reports note WWE has told her to take a break, think about her future and make a less emotional decision about whether or not she wants to stay or go.

With that mind, the timing of another WWE Superstar's tweet on Friday afternoon didn't calm the waters much. While he might be having fun with the buzz and potential that this story has been blown out of proportion, Rusev tweeted, “Botch Master is unhappy! Be gone.”

He didn't clarify who he was talking about with the tweet but the timing was too perfect not to think it was meant to coincide with the Banks story. Within minutes of the tweet, the wrestling world who saw it went insane. Within hours, it had over 500 retweets and 3500 likes. Many of the comments referred to Sasha while others took the opportunity to poke fun at all of this and take guesses at who else might be the Botch Master.

Even Ryback got in on the fun when he tweeted a reply, "I've been gone for three years a$$hole!"

What This Means

Rusev's tweet really just confuses the story, which was probably his intent. There are enough reports from credible sources that it would suggest there is something to this story. But, the speed in which it snowballed into Banks leaving for AEW or her and Bayley trying to get out of their WWE deals really took on a life of its own.

If anyone knows what it's like to have fans and media read way too much into a tweet or two, it's Rusev.

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