Rusev Trolls Fans With #ThrowbackThursday Photo

Rusev might have his spot back against The Undertaker at Greatest Royal Rumble, but that won't stop him from having fun on social media.

It is now just a handful of days until WWE head to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia for an event they dubbed The Greatest Royal Rumble. While most of the absolutely stacked card seems set now, there is one match that we wouldn't be surprised to see change yet again. That match is, of course, the one between The Undertaker and Rusev with a casket thrown into the mix.

Since the match was first announced, it changed twice. Chris Jericho took Rusev's place following a tweet from Lana saying she didn't want her husband, Rusev, in the match. After having some time to think about it, The Ravishing Russian changed her mind and tweeted again, this time saying she was OK with it after all. It's all very confusing, but at this moment in time, The Undertaker will be taking on Rusev.


Some weird tweets from Lana are likely not the real reason why this match has been switched around so much. It's likely more to do with The Bulgarian Brute's outspoken nature and seemingly fractured relationship with his employers. Even though the former United States Champion is back in the match, he is showing no sign of letting up when it comes to trolling the fans and WWE on Twitter as you can see below.

WWE announced that Jericho would be replacing Rusev in next week's casket match on Thursday last week, hence the Throwback Thursday hashtag. Things can change quickly in the space of a week though—especially in professional wrestling—and once again, The Lion Of Bulgaria will be the one taking on The Deadman. Who knows what state the match will be in by next Thursday.

Whether Rusev is in the match or not, the bout involving The Undertaker is likely not going to be a very lengthy affair. Even though The Deadman returned at WrestleMania 34, it was hardly an unforgettable epic as he surprised John Cena and managed to defeat him in a matter of minutes. The likelihood is that most of Taker's matches going forward will not be much longer than his recent one at 'Mania.


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