Russell Wilson Has Sit Down With Pete Carroll About Future With Seahawks

Pete Carroll recently had a sit down with his quarterback, Russell Wilson, about his future beyond next season with the team.

The Seattle Seahawks were eliminated from the playoffs this past Saturday by the Dallas Cowboys. So, now the conversation turns to whether Wilson will get a contract extension this off-season.

The 30-year-old will become a free agent after next season, but Carroll doesn’t want to wait until that point to secure Wilson’s future with the Seahawks. Wilson has spent his entire career in Seattle, dating back to when he was drafted in the third round of the 2012 draft.


In his end of the season press conference, Carroll stated that he and Wilson discussed their goals and what they want to get done before they both walk away from the game. Carroll has been the head coach of the Seahawks during Wilson’s entire career.

So, in a way, he’s one of the people around Wilson that know him the best, which is one of the reasons why they were able to sit down and have these discussions. Wilson has also shown his love for the city of Seattle ever since he has arrived there.

Whether that’s been showing up unannounced at the Seahawks team shop and signing autographs. Or visiting the children’s hospital in Seattle every Tuesday even after the season has concluded.

Wilson has stated multiple times over in the past that he desires to play the rest of his career in Seattle. Which means he might have to take a pay cut on his next contract, in order for the Seahawks to still be competitive.

The four-time Pro-Bowler is scheduled to make just over $25 million for next season. Which will rank him as the ninth-highest paid quarterback in the NFL. According to Sportrac, the market value for Wilson’s next contract could be a six-year deal that would pay him on average $31.9 million each season.

Which would then rank him as the second-highest paid quarterback behind Aaron Rodgers for the 2020 season. That amount could make it very difficult for the Seahawks to surround Wilson with the talent that it takes to win another Super Bowl.

It’s unclear if Carroll and Wilson discussed any financials during their meeting. But, it’s very clear that both sides want to continue this relationship that they have, for multiple more seasons.

What This Means

Wilson is the key to success for this Seahawks team, and they definitely know that. Which is why Carroll met with him to discuss where his head is at with regards to his future.

However, they will likely need him to take a pay cut for them to continue to be successful. If he were to make around $28 million per season, then that would likely allow the Seahawks to surround him with the players that he needs to win and get back to the Super Bowl.


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