Vince Russo Takes Shot At WWE, Says Vince McMahon Has "Lost It"

It's been two decades since Vince Russo was last employed as one of WWE's most influential writers, and he's never been afraid to voice his displeasure with his former employer.

During a recent conference call (h/t The Wrap), WWE chairman Vince McMahon vowed that the company is going to run a "more sophisticated product," while vowing that WWE wouldn't go back to the Attitude Era.

Well, it's safe to say that Russo isn't buying McMahon's promise. The former took to Twitter and asked his former boss if he's even watching the product, before comparing the 24/7 Championship to Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street.

After AEW ran its first show, Double or Nothing, Russo suggested that they were actually working together with WWE. That obviously isn't the case, but it was certainly an interesting point of view from Russo - who doesn't seem pleased with today's WWE product.

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Earlier this month, WWE insider Brad Shepard reported that there were talks about bringing back Russo, but Bruce Prichard wound up nixing it. Seeing how Russo views the WWE today, it probably wouldn't be the wisest choice to bring him back anyway - unless the company was thinking about going back to the Attitude Era.

WWE is a lot different today than 20 years ago, when Russo last worked as a full-time writer for the company (he returned briefly in 2002 before joining TNA. He was widely responsible for building up some of WWE's best feuds and storylines in the '90s, including the rise of D-Generation X and the start of 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin's main event run. But things have changed immensely since Russo last worked in WWE, and it's hard to see the two sides working together again any time soon - especially since he doesn't seem to agree with the current product.

What This Means

Russo isn't the only former WWE figure that has voiced his displeasure with the show. It's safe to say that if he stayed with the WWE the entire time, things would be a lot different today. Instead, we get some interesting insight and takes from one of the most influential wrestling writers ever.

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