Ryan Tannehill Trolls Patriots After Miraculous Victory

It's safe to say that when the Miami Dolphins lined up from their own 30-yard line with seven seconds left, nobody could have expected them to reach the end zone.

As you know by now, the Dolphins used a series of lateral play to set up Kenyan Drake's dash to the end zone. And with that, Miami shocked the rival New England Patriots on one of the greatest miracle plays you'll ever see.

The Patriots made a mistake in placing tight end Rob Gronkowski on the field for the final play, instead of safety Devin McCourty. Gronkowski stumbled as he tried to catch Drake, and the 6-foot-6 tight end was nowhere close to catching the lightning fast Miami speedster.

After the game, Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill trolled with the Patriots with a hilarious explanation as to why he was confident they would pull off the miraculous play of a lifetime. Here's what he said, per Austin Knoblauch of NFL.com.

"The play kind of got messed up. I saw Kenyan there, I said [to DeVante Parker] "pitch it! pitch it! He pitches it, Kenyan came back inside. ... Then I saw him and [Rob Gronkowski] about 10 yards away.

I said, 'Gronk's on the field? We got this!' So, yeah, it was pretty amazing. I was following behind and I actually just turned around and collapsed just with the emotion of the whole thing."

Gronkowski usually comes on for the Patriots in Hail Mary situations, where the tight end can use his big frame and excellent hands to knock down or intercept passes. The Dolphins were not going to be able to attempt a Hail Mary from 70 yards out, which is why the decision to put Gronkowski on the field drew criticism from fans and pundits.


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Had the Patriots put McCourty out there, perhaps he would have been able to chase down Drake and end the miracle play. He's one of the best open field tacklers and among the fastest safeties in the game.

Nonetheless, the Dolphins pulled off one of the greatest miracle plays in NFL history, and it'll surely be talked about for many years to come.

What This Means

The Dolphins ensured that South Beach remained New England's house of horrors. They've now won five of their last six home contests against the AFC East bullies, but this was easily the most adventurous and thrilling of them all.

With the victory, Miami moves to 7-6 - tied with the Baltimore Ravens for the final wild card spot in the AFC. The Patriots fall to 9-4 and are tied with the Houston Texans for the second wild card spot in the AFC.

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