Ryback Hijacks Rusev Live Chat, Asks About Steroid Scandal [Video]

There has been chatter in the past that current WWE Superstar Rusev and former WWE Superstar Ryback are friends. If so, a recent stunt by Ryback proves that sometimes your friends can do a lot more damage than your enemies if you're not prepared for what jokes or agendas they have up their sleeve.

During a recent live Instagram video Q&A, Rusev and Lana were answering questions from the WWE Universe. They were covering all sorts of topics about anything and everything WWE, including his involvement in Ryback's nutrition supplements line of products when Ryback hopped onto the chat and asked a question that not only took Rusev by surprise but seemed to fluster him enough to quickly end the Q&A session.

Almost immediately after Rusev promoted Ryback's products, he began to read a question from the "Big Guy" himself and Ryback asked,"Are you involved in this steroid scandal? I can't have you involved in my company if you're involved in this Bravo stuff". You can see the video below:

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For those that aren't aware, Jon Bravo is a filmmaker who has been releasing videos on YouTube claiming to be working on a film about the WFN company connected to WWE Superstars who are alleged to have purchased steroids off of Richard Rodriquez. Rodriguez was arrested for his illegal company's steroid involvement and among those implicated in the videos are Roman Reigns, Mark Wahlberg (actor), Luther Reigns, Josh Duhamel (actor) and others, potentially linking stars like John Cena and Steve Austin.

Rusev began to read the question when he realized where it was going. He immediately stopped, told "the Big Guy" he was being extremely inappropriate, cut the Q&A short and ended the video telling everyone to complain to Ryback for making Rusev end the video early.

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Whether this was Rusev flustered by the question or this was an inside joke between two friends is unclear. But, from the outside, it appears another attempt by Ryback to be using unethical platforms and hijacking opportunities to bash his former employer, WWE, all while trying to get a cheap plug for his product line that Rusev was trying to help him out with.

Rusev has not been linked in any way to the steroid scandal and I'm sure he didn't appreciate Ryback putting the idea in people's minds that there may be some sort of link.  Was Ryback trying to get a cheap laugh? Was he being serious? It was likely the former but we may never know as Rusev refused to answer the question.

Ironically, most fans have pointed out that someone with Ryback's size and frame may not want to jump on asking questions about steroids considering many don't believe he got his look naturally.

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