Sami Zayn Name Drops AEW During Strange Raw Segment

In a bizarre Raw segment, Sami Zayn tried to troll the live WWE audience when he said, "You could have asked me about AEW!"

It was a segment WWE had never done before. Called the Electric Chair and hosted by WWE announcer Corey Graves, the idea was that the WWE Universe could ask Graves' guest any question, no matter how controversial and the guest (in this case Zayn) would have to answer.

Only, the questions weren't controversial at all.

Instead of asking about his new gimmick and whether or not he was speaking for Vince McMahon or if he was happy still working in WWE, fans asked things like "Do you miss the Ginger Snaps?" or "Why haven't you won the Universal Title?" The latter, by the way, was asked by a fan who was clearly trying to remember the lines he was being fed by WWE.

Zayn then started trashing the fans for not stepping up their questions game. Saying they could have asked anything, the fans were truly disappointing. "You could have asked me if I'm a good kisser!" "You could have asked me about AEW!"

That line was a jaw dropper. Considering WWE hasn't really acknowledged the new wrestling promotion in any way, that they would let Zayn reference them is shocking. Some will argue that probably wasn't planned and it was Zayn adlibbing, but there's no way Zayn is that foolish. It was a line planned by the writers and meant to be delivered for effect.

What This Means

The AEW reference was strange for many reasons. First, the questions were clearly vetted or pre-determined. Second, the idea of an electric chair forcing Zayn to tell the truth when he wasn't actually strapped to anything was really just a poor attempt at delivering a unique Q&A segment.

This was a shot sent by WWE back to AEW after their seemingly successful Double or Nothing pay-per-view this past weekend. The war is officially on.

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