Samoa Joe Expected To Be Moved To Raw This Monday

While he was unable to attend Raw due to illness, reports are Samoa Joe was written into the show and WWE will make up for that next Monday night.

During all the shuffling and moving that were the Superstars of WWE going from Raw to SmackDown Live and from SmackDown Live to Raw, one name that was supposed to move but didn’t was Samoa Joe. Extremely sick with the flu, Joe was in Montreal on Monday and had intentions of playing his part but speculation was that he could "barely function" moreover try to get a physical segment in as part of the show.

The idea was that he would come out and attack Braun Strowman. Because he couldn't, the show had to be re-written last minute and the angle where Strowman destroyed EC3 was added at the last-minute (unfortunate for EC3).

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What makes people so certain about Joe's arrival to Raw is the fact that Finn Balor was moved over to SmackDown Live and with it, his Intercontinental Title. In the past, moving one mid-card title meant moving the other and WWE is not interested in having the IC Title and the United States Championship both on SmackDown each Tuesday night until the show moves the FOX on Fridays.

What This Means

This is still classified as a rumor because WWE.com has not listed Joe as an official member of Raw just yet and under the Superstars section, he’s still listed as a SmackDown Superstar. That said, speculation is that a segment is being planned for this week's Raw to explain why Joe didn’t move during the Shake-up and to build towards a feud with Strowman over the championship.

There is no word on if the final end game is to have Strowman win the championship or not.

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