Samoa Joe Speaks On Roman Reigns Attacks After Getting Fined By WWE

Samoa Joe has been fined an undisclosed sum by WWE after knocking a phone from a producer's hand at the Pittsburgh International Airport on Monday.

The star was not pleased after getting asked whether he was responsible for the incident that left Roman Reigns buried under steel during SmackDown Live last week and reacted aggressively, earning himself a hole in his pocket.

Joe was vindicated on Monday night as he ended up rushing to Reigns' aid after the SmackDown competitor had another close call, with a car nearly crushing him in the parking lot.

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The former was in the lot with plans to confront Reigns and have him apologize for prompting people to believe he was responsible for last week's "accident." However, the attacker got to The Big Dog before he could.

Joe spoke to WWE after the incident, threatening to take things into his own hands if he is able to identify the culpable party before the company does.

“What’s going through my head after I saw something like that? A lot of things," he said. "One of them, some of the fans out there were so quick to point a finger at me. One of them is I’ve known to bend the rules to take things to a level that maybe uncomfortable, but that is something different. It needs to be dealt with differently.

"What are my thoughts? My thoughts are I hope somebody finds who’s doing what they’re doing before I find them. My thoughts are don’t doubt me because who was the first guy out there pulling Roman out of the wreckage. My thoughts are, I’ve always told you people the truth since you are all gonna wanna hear it.”

So we can probably rule Joe out, although this could have been a well-coordinated move to free him from suspicion. For now, though, it appears that he's in the clear. Whether or not WWE will choose to reveal the attacker's identity before or after SummerSlam remains to be seen. But doing so in the lead up to the big PPV will probably work best.

(Transcription obtained from 411Mania.com.)

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