Sasha Banks To Return To WWE On SmackDown Live Brand [Rumor]

Sasha Banks hasn't appeared on WWE television since WrestleMania 35, as she continues to take time away in order to reconsider her future with the company.

As you may know by now, Banks and Bayley were frustrated to learn they would be losing the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships to The IIconics at WrestleMania - believing they would endure a longer reign with the titles.

Banks reportedly wanted to quit WWE once she was informed that her and Bayley were dropping the championships. She has been absent on the last three episodes of Monday Night Raw, having been granted time off by WWE.

But it may not be long until we see The Legit Boss return to WWE again. On the Oh, You Didn’t Know podcast (h/t Ringside News), Brad Shepard reported that Banks is coming back soon - and that she'll be appearing on SmackDown Live - ahead of the May 19 Money in the Bank pay-per-view:

"Sasha is scheduled to return to SmackDown Live before Money In The Bank. Whether they have something for her or not is still not clear. If they don’t have something for her it’s still possible they could give her a bit more time to cool off."

Banks was also reportedly unhappy when she learned that her and Bayley would be splitting up as a tag team; the latter was moved to SmackDown Live as part of the Superstar Shake-up.

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But after all of this, it seems like WWE is going to reunite Banks with Bayley, or at least just have the two close friends together on the same brand. Perhaps this was part of the deal if Banks were to come back following a three-week hiatus.

Banks has been one of the top wrestlers in the women's division since 2016, but WWE hasn't given her much of a push over the past year. It's no surprise that she has grown frustrated with creative, but perhaps WWE has learned from its questionable booking choices and will finally start giving her that main event push again.

What This Means

There have been plenty of different updates over the past week on Banks' situation, but the early signs point towards her coming back to WWE soon. The company knows they can't lose Banks, and if they're willing to give her more say in the direction of her character, there's no reason for the two parties to split up.

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