Sasha Banks Is Still No Closer To Remaining With WWE Despite Big Promises

Sasha Banks is reportedly no closer to returning to WWE television even though she continues to be offered big things.

All is not well regarding the broken relationship between Sasha Banks and WWE. That might well be an understatement. At WrestleMania, Banks and Bayley lost the Women's Tag Titles to the Iiconics. Apparently, The Boss 'N' Hug Connection were told that they would keep the titles and hold them for an extended period of time.

After that didn't happen, the former champion allegedly put up quite the protest. More than a month later, it seems that Banks was a lot more serious about her protest than Bayley. The Hugger has since returned to TV while The Boss has not. In fact, if the rumors are true, we might well have seen the last of Banks in WWE full stop.


via Vulturehound Magazine

Amid WWE Superstars leaving the company left and right, Vince McMahon is eager to not simply let his wrestlers slip right out the door. That would explain why there has been a lot of talk regarding what Banks has been offered to return and remain with the company. The most prominent rumor has been that the boss told the former Women's Champion that she could be Miss Money In The Bank.

With five days to go until MITB and still no sign of Banks, if that offer was made, it would appear that she turned it down. In fact, according to freelance journalist Tom Colohue, The Boss continues to refuse any and all of the big offers being made to her by WWE. Despite more than a month having passed and Banks reportedly being offered the world, she continues to stand her ground and the situation hasn't improved at all.

The stark difference in how WWE treats its wantaway stars is somewhat baffling. Dean Ambrose was allowed to leave, while Harper has to stew on the sidelines. Banks is apparently being offered everything she could ever want, while Neville disappeared without mention for more than a year. WWE clearly values The Boss, but as it stands, it seems as if we are far more likely to see her wrestle elsewhere than return to WWE.


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