Sasha Banks Sarcastically Responds To Fan Who Claims She’s Pouting

After weeks of silence, Sasha Banks finally spoke on social media when she responded to a fan who claimed she was pouting because she lost a match.

The WWE Universe hasn’t heard much from Sasha Banks since WrestleMania 35. In fact, when it comes to her WWE future and what exactly happened at the company’s biggest show of the year, she’s said nothing. No one seems to know what made her leave and not come back, or if any of the stories are accurate but Thursday, fans finally got a sniff of some truth.

Banks took to Twitter this week and responded to a fan who said she quit. The fan wrote, "I unfortunately side with @wwe in the case of @SashaBanksWWE. Quitting because you don't want to lose is extremely selfish. As a 4 time women's champion and first women's tag team champion alot of women put you over for you to walk out like this!!! #ungrateful"

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Sasha responded and wrote, "Who said that?"

The fan then said, "The internet... If it's not true you gotta let us know!!! The company legit needs you. You see what's happening to ratings since you left TV!!!"

The exchange led Banks to mock the Internet with a Sponge Bob post suggesting the idiocy of the fan base who believes everything they hear online.

What This Means

Banks' might be saying she didn't quit, she might be saying she isn't pouting; that much isn't clear. All we know is that one of the comments made by the fan is inaccurate.

Still, banks' WWE status seems up in the air. She may have tried to get out of her contract and she may be simply clearing her head. For all we know, WWE is suggesting she take some time off.

All anyone really knows for sure is that speculation will continue to grow and no one may ever get the full story as to what's really happening behind the scenes. The IIconics recently stated they were unaware of any beef Banks might have as they, Banks and Bayley all went out and celebrated after WrestleMania.

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