Sasha Banks Posts Cryptic Tweet On Her Future Following Reported Meeting With Vince McMahon

Sasha Banks has posted a cryptic tweet which seems to suggest that she's looking for freedom from WWE.

Banks has been on a wrestling hiatus for nearly two months and hasn't appeared on WWE programming since dropping the tag titles to the IIconics in her WrestleMania match alongside Bayley back in early April. And it is believed that she's been granted a leave of absence as a result of her frustrations with the promotion.

Previous reports claimed WWE gave Banks some time to ponder on her future and hopefully decide that she wants to remain put, but no one imagined it would have taken that long.

A recent claim from Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer, however, states that Banks met with Vince McMahon last week.

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“Sasha Banks and Vince McMahon had a meeting on 5/23,” Meltzer wrote (h/t Sescoops). “Things are said to be better and she could be back sometime this summer but nothing is official.”

If Banks' tweet on Thursday is anything to go by, it appears that she's still looking for a way out.

The female star posted an alluring photo of herself along with a quote from Kendrick Lamar's Dumb it Down that suggests she wants to be freed.

It's certainly looking like Banks' future with WWE still hangs in the balance, despite Meltzer's claim. Her gripe with the company reportedly stems from having to lose the tag titles at WrestleMania after being one half of the first-ever women's tag team champions in the promotion's history.

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Banks was apparently told that she and Bayley would have enjoyed a long run as tag champs but the stars were reportedly blindsided with instructions to drop the belts on the same day as WrestleMania, something which didn't just blow over.

Banks and Bayley are reported as having staged a backstage protest but she's since shared an Instagram photo showing herself and Bayley smiling with the IIconics and their new titles after the loss.

Banks' tweet doesn't have to mean what we think it does, but what are the chances? Of course, AEW would most likely welcome her with open arms if she decides that she wants to quit WWE but McMahon and Co. probably won't be letting her go that easily, if the Luke Harper situation could be referenced.

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