Sasha Banks Teases Return In Twitter Interaction With Bayley

It's been three months since Sasha Banks last appeared on WWE television, and that took place at WrestleMania 35 - where her and Bayley dropped the Women's Tag Team Titles to The IIconics.

Reports initially suggested that Banks was granted time off to think over her future in WWE, as she apparently grew unhappy about having to drop the titles. It was later suggested that Banks even wanted to "quit" WWE, but there haven't been many hints to suggest that she's planning to leave.

In fact, Banks actually hinted that she could be back in the WWE before long. The Legit Boss and former Raw Women's Champion sent out this tweet.

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Bayley, Banks' long-time friend and former tag team partner, responded to it with a GIF of them working together. Banks then responded by suggesting her and The Hugger still have plenty of work to do.

If and likely when Banks returns, it'll be interesting to see what the creative team has in store. Bayley moved over to SmackDown Live as part of the Superstar Shake-up, and she went on to win the women's Money in the Bank ladder match in may. Bayley then cashed in her contract that same night to become the new SmackDown Women's Champion.

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So if Banks returns soon, would she stay on Raw? Could she feud with Bayley? Or will they work closely together while The Hugger tries to hold onto her title? There are plenty of options here for WWE to choose from.

Wrestling journalist Tom Colohue recently reported that Banks' hiatus from WWE isn't "anything too out of the ordinary, and that the two sides are in "continual contact." Those are positive signs that she'll be back in the company soon, but it's anybody's guess when that will happen.

What This Means

All signs point to Banks eventually returning to WWE. Perhaps it's being held back because the creative team is trying to decide what to do with her. There are plenty of intriguing options here with Banks. We'll find out soon enough what the future holds for her - but the bottom line is that we can expect her to be back before long.

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