Sasha Banks Unfollows WWE On Twitter, She's Now Following AEW

Sasha Banks could be on the verge of walking away from WWE after reportedly trying to quit the promotion over losing to The IIconics at WrestleMania last Sunday.

The female star, who partnered up with Bayley to become the company's first-ever women's tag team champions, is believed to be quite displeased with her current employers at the moment.

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter's Dave Meltzer, Banks "felt blindsided" by a late booking decision that saw her and Bayley surrender their belts during the recent PPV as she was initially led to believe that they would have a long run as champs.

It has also been reported that the performers were livid after losing the titles on Sunday and let off steam at the hotel after the show.

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Banks, who missed Raw on Monday, as well as a scheduled appearance on the Wendy Williams Show due to "personal reasons", has been given a few weeks off to figure things out, with WWE heads hoping she will cool down and decide to stay.

The promotion is understandably hesitant to let Banks go, given that AEW is snatching up wrestlers as they become available. But her recent social media activity seems to suggest that it's where she could be headed.

According to 411Mania, several eagle-eyed fans have noted that the 27-year-old is no longer following WWE on Twitter and has started following AEW. The publication sought to verify this by going through her account and discovered that such is indeed the case - Banks isn't following WWE nor Vince McMahon on Twitter anymore, but she still follows WWE Network and WWE NXT.

The performer's husband, Sarath Ton, has weighed in as well, posting a short statement on Twitter which can be seen below.

What This Means

It appears that Banks is quite serious about leaving WWE, but there's also the possibility of this being an elaborate work by the company.

In any case, we expect to find out in a few weeks' time or possibly less.

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