Sasha Banks Possibly Spoils WWE Women’s Tag Division Announcement

It appears Sasha Banks may have let it slip that WWE's plans for a Women's Tag Division is well in the works and coming sooner than expected.

It's become almost normal to see WWE talent sharing news on social media, some of which breaks a story. But, in a recent Instagram post by Sasha Banks, she may have spoiled a whopper on an announcement by suggesting she and Bayley will be a part of the rumored Women's Tag-Team Division coming to WWE.

Banks posted, "The Boss N Hug Connection is ready to dominate the women's tag team division." She followed it with the tags #didIjustsaythat and #evolution suggesting this was a secret and that the news would affect the upcoming Evolution pay-per-view that was announced as exclusively a Women's WWE show in October of 2018.

via Instagram

Recently, WWE made an announcement on Raw that the Women would be getting their own pay-per-view event. It was a huge announcement to start the show, brought out nearly all the women of the WWE Women's Division and Vince McMahon himself to respect the historic announcement. It was rumored a tag division would be announced as well but that didn't happen, leaving fans to wonder if WWE was holding off on the idea or an announcement would be coming later.

After Stephanie said in respect to the tag team rumors, "Not quite yet but that's absolutely something we've heard loud and clear from our fan base and it's something we're keen on implementing as soon as we are able to," fans knew that day would come. It just didn't sound like it would be part of the Evolution event. Perhaps everyone assumed incorrectly.

If a tag division is announced over the next few weeks or months, Bayley and Banks would certainly be a part of it based on their current storylines. It is assumed the Iiconics, Riott Squad, Charlotte and Becky Lynch or Natalya and Ronda Rousey might be part of it as well. Perhaps it would even signal the return of a team like The Bellas.

It is surprising WWE would allow such an announcement to be made by Banks on her social media account so it remains to be seen if this is just a tease and wishful thinking or if Banks will be asked to take the post down with a WWE announcement on the horizon.


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