Scarlett Bordeaux Comments On Fan Grab Incident and Her Body

Wrestling is supposed to be all about the fan experience. That said, one component of that experience that is becoming a real problem in professional wrestling is fans getting too involved and having physical contact with wrestlers. Scarlett Bordeaux commented on her recent incident at a AAA event.

At Sunday's AAA event, Scarlett Bordeaux was groped by a fan during her match. You can see the video below:

The footage of this incident has gone viral as has the debate over fans touching wrestlers. Most logical fans are being quite vocal about the fact that there are no reasons to reach out and touch or grab the performers. A vocal minority have said Bordeaux may have brought this kind of attention upon herself considering how her character dresses and acts.

Those fans would be wrong.

Short of being punched in the face or forced to defend yourself from a performer, as a fan, you are only there to watch the show, not partake in it. In this particular incident, Bordeaux says she didn't even notice at first, but that doesn't make what happened appropriate.

She took to social media and wrote, "It is NEVER okay to touch a performer without their consent." She added, had she realized what was going on, she would have reacted much differently than she did.

There have been a number of fans coming to her defense and while she appreciates that, Bordeaux also tried to clarify to fans that said her character and her real-life persona are different, it makes no difference. Bordeaux explained:

What I wear is completely irrelevant. Could be a string bikini or a snowsuit, it doesn’t matter. My body is mine and you cannot touch me without my permission. Most fans I encounter are respectful, awesome people and I appreciate you…

She also said that her character is one who is "self-liberated beyond other people’s subjective opinions on how a person should dress, behave and act. Sexy is subjective. I dress how I like."

What This Means

It's pretty simple. If you're a fan and go to one of these shows, keep your hands to yourself. If you don't, you're bound to be shamed on social media, or worse yet, take a beating at the hands of someone like Jacob Fatu, who knocked a fan silly when he tried to approach the ring.

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