Scott Steiner Criticizes Scripted Promos

Love him or hate him, there's no denying that polarizing wrestling legend Scott Steiner could cut an epic promo like few others, with many of them living on in wrestling lore forever.

During his rise to superstardom in the '90s and early 2000s with WCW, Steiner was one of the many wrestlers that could take a microphone and cut his own segments. This was in an era where other talents like The Rock and 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin were improvising their promos, rather than having to memorize a script that the creative team came up with.

Today, WWE superstars are forced to work scripted promos, with virtually no freedom in what they say. And during a recent Impact Wrestling conference call (h/t sportskeeda.com), Steiner explained why he dislikes them so much:

"Oh yeah. It's some of the worst stuff you can do to curb somebody's way to express their feelings, express their character and who they are. For the idiots who script interviews, that to me is a travesty. You are left with cookie cutter characters."

WWE fans know that today's top stars - namely Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose - are no Rock, Austin, John Cena or Hulk Hogan when it comes to picking up a microphone and working up the crowd.

And when you consider some of the most epic promos cut by Scott Steiner throughout his career, it's not hard to see where he's coming from.

Steiner is also remembered for going off-script on the Feb. 7, 2000 episode of WCW Nitro. He picked up a microphone and started taking verbal jabs at Ric Flair, saying people switch the channel to watch Austin in the WWF instead of the Nature Boy.

Steiner also accused flair of getting Austin fired from WCW, because he was "a jealous old b**sta*d." Steiner then ended his rant with "WCW Sucks," and landed himself in hot water with company officials.

His promos may have generated some controversy, but nobody can deny that Steiner has been one of the best on the mic, and it's hard to forget some of his most memorable segments. The same can't be said for many of today's WWE superstars, who are forced to memorize a script while having little freedom in what they say.


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