Sean Waltman Interesting Take On WWE's Finn Balor Requesting Time Off

Sean Waltman often has opinions about the current goings-on in WWE. He might be bang on when he says Finn Balor is taking a risk asking for time off, even though it's something WWE promotes.

Not long ago, John Oliver tore into WWE for calling its performers subcontractors when they're treated like employees and not given the benefits most subcontractors receive. One example was the ability to take time off as any subcontractor can do if they simply decide they don't want to work. WWE's response was that its performers can request time off whenever they'd like and it will likely be granted.

It appears Finn Balor took WWE up on that and is leaving WWE for a few months to refresh, likely after SummerSlam.

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While that all sounds great, former WWE superstar and podcast host, Sean Waltman suggests it might not be all great news for Balor.

Waltman was speaking candidly on his X-PAC 12360 show and talked about how John Oliver's segment hit WWE hard.  "I think somebody mentioned, 'Guys can take time off any time they want, they just have to ask.'", Waltman said. He added, "Which is a tough spot too, because when you take yourself out of the game."

Waltman used advice he got from Randy Savage one time never to take yourself out of the game because it opens the door for someone else to grab your spot. He explained, "When you operate with that mentality, it's almost impossible to ask for time off. So good for Finn Balor, going, 'Okay, I need some time,'" Waltman explained.

What This Means

Waltman is correct when he applauds Balor for having the guts to step aside for however long he'll be gone. But, those who have been watching WWE programming of late have to notice things have not been going well for Balor. He's lost the Intercontinental Title, multiple other matches and appears to be the first victim of a returning Bray Wyatt.

Some wrestlers may see this and second-guess asking for time off when it comes to be their turn. It doesn't look like Balor is being rewarded for his decision.

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