Seth Rollins Finally Caves And Admits That Becky Lynch Is The Man

Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch have been going back and forth over who is The Man, and The Architect has finally conceded defeat.

There is currently only one thing more deadly in WWE than going up against Becky Lynch in the ring. Trying to take her on via social media. Multiple Superstars have stepped up to The Man on Twitter since she got this new, awesome attitude, and all of them have fallen by the wayside.

Lynch's list of Twitter victims continues to grow longer and longer. Some of them make sense and extend to television such as Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair. Others make less sense since they haven't crossed paths for a while, such as Alexa Bliss. Plus, there have even been some intergender clashes. Corey Graves actually fell foul of The Lass Kicker's social media prowess earlier this week.


Perhaps the oddest Twitter battle for Becky so far has been the ongoing one against Seth Rollins. It seems to have started with the two of them feuding over what it takes to deserve the moniker of The Man in WWE. As with everyone else Lynch has tussled with on Twitter, Rollins has not been able to give as good as he has been getting. Our favorite diss to date came in the form of the Women's Champion laying into Rollins' flame emblazoned trousers.

Despite being burned by Lynch time and time again, Rollins has continually gone back for more. However, an admission by the Intercontinental Champion during a recent interview may be a sign that their online fight is finally over. When asked about Lynch, a seemingly deflated Rollins reluctantly admitted that she is, in fact, The Man. Lynch has been quick to respond too, replying to the clip and tweeting "they all say the words in the end."

We're not sure why anyone would even try stepping to Becky Lynch on social media at this point. No one is currently as good as her and unless you want to get yourself embarrassed we would suggest leaving it. That being said, if Kevin Owens fancies his chances, we would love to grab some popcorn and watch that unfold on our timelines. When it comes to Rollins, he has enough nicknames as it is. Letting Lynch have one isn't going to hurt.


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