Fans and Media Turning On Seth Rollins During Social Media War

Seth Rollins is taking aim at fans and media on Twitter suggesting he's going about standing up for WWE in the wrong way. Whether he is or isn't, frankly, he just doesn't care.

This all started when Rollins tried to stand up for WWE saying he was sick of fans and scribes who didn't 'have the right' to trash WWE for their lack of in-ring wrestling skill. Rollins said WWE has hands down the best in-ring performers on the planet. He then challenged anyone to show that there was another wrestler out there as good and wrestling as often as he was. Indie darling Will Ospreay answered.

The two then got into an exchange that caught the eye of a number of fans, media and Internet wrestling reporters. Many of them suggested that Rollins was starting to look bad by talking down to Ospreay when he used terms like "little guy" and "buddy". Then when he told Ospreay to compare bank accounts in an attempt to get what appeared to be the last word in, Rollins may have written a post he'd have liked to take back.

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The most recent person to call Rollins out for his approach was Wade Keller of PW Torch. Keller has been around the wrestling business for years and has one of the most popular sites and podcasts that discusses wrestling. He suggested Rollins was supposed to be WWE's vocal leader and that using the descriptors he was using when standing up for his employer wasn't creating a lot of goodwill for WWE.

Rollins responded to that too.

Saying, "I don’t care about goodwill, Wade. I care about respect." Rollins also added that if some "kid who thinks he’s got it all figured out wants to step to me, then he’s gonna get patted on the head and sent on his way. And so will you."

What This Means

Rollins hasn't been shy about taking the somewhat heel approach to the discussion about who is the best wrestler on the planet and whether or not WWE is getting the credit they deserve for having the most talented roster of in-ring performers.

When Rollins called out Dean Ambrose in a podcast and hinted that maybe Ambrose should look in the mirror before calling out WWE for his unhappiness when he left, it was easy to see Rollins had a chip on his shoulder. This social media outburst over the last 24 hours seems to be him removing that chip.

In the meantime, some of the people who wanted to support Rollins and WWE have started to grow a bit sour with his approach. Perhaps he should chat with his girlfriend, Becky Lynch, on how to win a Twitter war. Right now he's coming off as the bad guy.

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