[SPOILER] Defeats Sheamus And Cesaro For Raw Tag Team Championship

Raw has new tag team champions — Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan.

When WWE announced Raw would air live on Christmas Day, no one expected they’d see a title change. But they say anything can happen in the WWE, and now we’ve got the unlikely duo of Jason Jordan and Seth Rollins holding the gold.

The site of those two holding gold will surely come as a shock to anyone who hasn’t been keeping up with the day-to-day of WWE operations, but this isn’t too surprising for those who have. Last week, news broke that Rollins’ running buddy in The Shield, Dean Ambrose, was suffering from an elbow injury for months. Instead of working hurt any longer, The Lunatic Fringe decided it was time to deal with the issue and have surgery. WWE wrote him off TV via a beatdown from the Bar and Samoa Joe. To replace Ambrose, rumor had it that Jordan—who had a point of contention with each individual member of the Shield—would fill in for Ambrose. Yet it seemed like an odd pairing.


Still, on Raw, General Manager Kurt Angle named Jason Jordan as Rollins’ new partner, much to the distaste of The Kingslayer pitting them against The Bar (Cesaro and Sheamus). The gamble worked, and we now have new tag-team champions, and from the looks of it, the match lived up to expectations.

It appears WWE is trying to build an angle where Jordan, in an attempt to prove himself even further, believes he’s a better tag partner for Rollins compared to Ambrose. His first night on duty was a success, so it will be interesting to see how the team is handled in the future.

Raw can’t afford to lose another team thanks to injury. The show’s tag team division is really scarce with only The Bar and The Shield, Raw’s tag teams haven’t been made to look goofy like Slater and Rhyno or The Good Brothers. Thankfully, Raw got a much-needed injection with the return of The Revival, who will surely add some legitimacy if they can stay healthy.

Still, this will be an interesting tandem going forward. While it almost feels like a last-second decision to throw the Jordan and Rollins together, it gives Jordan a legitimate storyline, while keeping The Shield members at the forefront of the action. Though it feels a little out of left field, it will be interesting to see where this storyline goes.


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