Seth Rollins Won't Rule Out A Reunion With Dean Ambrose & The Shield

The WWE Universe was surprised when news came out that Dean Ambrose would be leaving the company when his contract run up after WrestleMania 35, given his place as one of the top main event stars in all of WWE.

Ambrose last wrestled for WWE in April and signed with the rival AEW promotion, where he now performs as Jon Moxley. He debuted at the company's first event, Double or Nothing, in Las Vegas.

Moxley has found a new long-term home, and he's voiced how happy and comfortable he is in AEW. The idea of him returning to the WWE seems like a long shot right now. But his close friend and former Shield partner, Seth Rollins, refuses to rule out the possibility of a reunion.

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In an interview with WrestlingAC (h/t Ringside News), the Universal Champion talked about the moment where he and Moxley said goodbye, and why he won't rule out the possibility of The Shield reforming again in the future.

"He gave me a big hug and he said, I love you brother and it’s not goodbye. So ‘I’ll see you some time.’ We’re always going to be bonded and I wish him the best and you haven’t seen the last of us together I’m sure at some point down the road we’ll be putting the fists together some time.”

I can’t say when and I can’t say for sure, but there’s this feeling in my gut that we’re going to be bonded brothers forever.

Who knows [about a Shield reunion], never say never… I just have a feeling in my gut that we haven’t seen the last of myself and Dean Ambrose."

It's obviously not uncommon for former WWE main event superstars to come back down the road, even after a long time away from the company. Former WCW talents like Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash and Ric Flair are prime examples. Bobby Lashley even returned to WWE last year after a decade away from the promotion.

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But Moxley also made it clear how frustrated he was in WWE, and why he refused to re-sign. Moxley has gone on a number of rants against the company, even saying Vince McMahon's "way sucks." Moxley even said that his AEW debut was more enjoyable than his time as WWE Champion.

Maybe Moxley will return to the WWE one day, but for the long run, he's going to fight for the rival AEW promotion. And unless his tenure there becomes a disaster (no reason to believe so), there's little reason to think he'll want to come back to the WWE. There's a reason he left, after all.

What This Means

Rollins is close friends with Moxley, so perhaps one day they'll be able to work out a reunion of some sort. But even if The Shield reforms, we're talking several years down the road here. Like Rollins mentioned, never say never.

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