Seth Rollins Reveals His Thoughts On Distracted Extreme Rules Crowd

Seth Rollins and Dolph Ziggler clashed in the main event of Extreme Rules in an epic 30-man Iron Man match for the Intercontinental Championship, but The Architect is still bothered by how the poor fan reaction throughout the fight.

It was the first time in 17 years where the Intercontinental Championship was on the line in the main event. And despite an epic back-and-forth contest between Rollins and Ziggler, the 14,739 fans that packed the PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh didn't sound all that enthused.

Appearing on CBS' In This Corner podcast (h/t WrestlingInc.com), Rollins detailed his dissatisfaction with the crowd seemingly not appreciating one of the finest matches of his career, and being more bent on counting down the clock for the match instead.

"I think upset is the right way to put it. People are like, 'did you get mad?' Naw dude, I just get sad because I love performing and I love having that synergy with the crowd and when they're, you know paying attention to something else, inexplicably really, it's frustrating from a performance perspective.

Especially when you know you're in the main event of a pay-per-view for the Intercontinental Championship...and it's the match that you know, most people in the building paid money to see, to begin with."

via WWE.com

When all was said and done, Ziggler took the title after a sudden death victory, thanks to help from his buddy, Drew McIntyre. And unfortunately for Rollins and Ziggler, the many fans in Pittsburgh just weren't all that locked in on what was arguably the best WWE match of 2018 thus far.

However, Rollins and Ziggler aren't alone when it comes to losing the fans during a pay-per-view main event. Hundreds of fans walked out of the Roman Reigns-Samoa Joe main event at Backlash in New Jersey, seemingly a way to protest their displeasure with the former headlining another show.

But for Rollins, he remains one of the biggest main event draws in all of the WWE, and perhaps no superstar has had a greater 2018 than he has. Obviously, he can't let one not-so-enthused crowd define what he's done over the last several months.

All WWE crowds these days are very, very different. Even Reigns will receive more cheers than boos from time-to-time, while big time fan favorites like Rollins won't always get those electrifying reactions.

But you can understand why he was unhappy with the crowd in Pittsburgh, given the historic and all-around excellence of the match against Ziggler.


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